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Dedicated to pairing our clients with the very best candidates
How we work

We provide you with different profiles of potential candidates we think would be suitable for the role you're offering.

You choose if you’d like to have an interview and then a trial day with any of them. Only once you’re happy with one of the candidates and you’d like to hire them that’s when the agency fees occur, no fees before.


The agency fee is calculated based on a candidate’s annual salary. It’s usually around 15% of the salary gross but we’ve worked on different terms with numerous families as we approach each client individually and try to match their needs and financial capabilities. 

We also give 3 months guarantee that in a very unlikely case that things don’t work out we provide a free replacement.

Recruiting the highest caliber of private domestic staff
Excellence Guaranteed

99% of our staff placements are successful


Each candidate interviewed by experienced consultant


Full background checks for all candidates


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