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Dedicated to pairing our clients with the very best candidates
About Fabu Group

Best interest of both our clients and our employees is at core of everything we do and how we do it. We strive to lead with kindness, respect and integrity across all the steps we take in sourcing professional household staff regardless of how big or small the position might be.

Fabu Group has been started by Aldona Knysiak who had been a PA, nanny and a tutor for numerous years before. After leaving her home country - Poland at age of 15 years old she'd worked with different families both in the UK and in the US to continue her studies. This experience as a nanny gave her a unique advantageous perspective which is very often overlooked by other recruitment agencies when approaching their clients and potentials candidates. 


Aldona's mission has been to provide a service which makes both her clients' and the staff's lives easier. She's always been very passionate about helping people in any way possible, which can be be witnessed with her volunteer work. 

With Fabu Group she's found a way to help people in her professional life as well, no matter if it's making your life more organised, finding best childcare or preparing nutritious meals.


Whatever it is that you need to make your life easier, we're here to help you!


“I couldn't recommend Fabu Group services more. They're always so responsive and so quick to help.”


“I thought I'll never find a right nanny for my daughter after searching for nearly 2 months. I was getting so frustrated. Fabu Group connected me with a nanny that I can fully trust and depend on.”


“I've been a client of Fabu Group for a while now. When we moved to London from New York I needed help with my children and the house. Fabu Group found all the people within few days, that includes: nanny, cleaner, driver and a PA. I'm so happy with all of them!!”

“I just wanted to say how impressed I am by Fabu Group's work. They're always so professional. They will listen to your needs and try to understand what you're really looking for.”

“I emailed Fabu asking about their payroll services for our fully staffed house. They emailed me back the same day and that same week all our payrolls were dealt with.”

Recruiting the highest caliber of private domestic staff
Excellence Guaranteed

99% of our staff placements are successful


Each candidate interviewed by experienced consultant


Full background checks for all candidates


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